Porsche 908L
Richard Attwood / Joe Buzzetta
1969 Daytona 24-Hour

When I turned 18, I joined the SCCA to be a flagman and get on-track credentials. At the time, this got you access everywhere including the pits. Because of my youth and inexperience, I was given minimal responsibilities at my corner so I could spend a lot of time walking around and taking photos with my first 35mm SLR. This was my first 24 and going to Daytona after the primitiveness of Sebring was wonderful. Daytona was held in February and I always enjoyed the light in Florida at that time – very different from Sebring just a month later and 150 miles away. This is the Porsche 908L of Richard Attwood and Joe Buzzetta along the infield straight in back of the paddock. I think this shot shows how beautiful the 908 Longtail was – more than the 917 in my opinion. You also get an idea of how small the 908 was, measured by the headlight of the just-passed Camaro on the right.

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