Bruce McLaren

1967 Sebring 12-hours

This was one of the very first racing photos I ever took. I was a kid of 16 with an all-consuming passion for racing. I knew all the drivers and team members from reading Road & Track, Car and Driver, and Sports Car Graphic every month instead of doing my homework. So, I certainly recognized McLaren when I saw him sitting in the back of the open pit stall. The races at that time did not have many comforts for the drivers, and Bruce was trying to relax before going back out. I shouted “Bruce” to have him look at me to take the photo – no reaction. I shouted again and he reluctantly turned to let me have the shot. The expression on his face indicates he wasn’t happy to comply. He and Andretti would go on to win the race handily in the new Ford Mk IV. (PS: this was the first and last time I ever called out to a driver for a photo!)

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