Porsche 908
Peter Revson / Steve McQueen
1970 Sebring 12-hours

The little 3.0-liter 908 ran flawlessly and took the lead in the last hour, only to be overtaken by Mario’s larger, 5.0-liter 512. This car was later the camera car for Le Mans, running the full 24 hours as a non-entrant, and would have finished ninth overall, despite having to stop frequently to re-load the cameras.

In addition to getting to see famous drivers at Sebring and Daytona, I was also able to shoot next to famous photographers I admired from their work in the magazines: Bill Warner, Hal Crocker, Bernard Cahier, and, of course, Pete Biro. As I took this photo, these and many other photographers were shoulder-to-shoulder taking very similar shots.

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