1969 Sebring 12-Hour

Sebring, by design, took place during Spring Break. I could go down on the Thursday or Friday before the Saturday morning start and camp out in the infield along with other college students, who had different priorities during the race than I did. I would get up before dawn and walk around to the various garages located in old hangars. Then I’d go to the pits as the cars came in before the 10 am start. Above the pits were VIP boxes and the ticket holders would usually let me sneak up for a few minutes to take some shots. This is the Porsche team 908s lined up for final prep. Vic Elford later told me the color on the nose of the car was not just to ID the car/drivers for that race – the drivers kept the colors for the year. So, as the lead driver, Vic always had blue in 1969, Seppi green, etc.

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